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The port and terminal business is evolving at a rapid pace. For some years now, growth hasn’t been driven as much by terminal expansion and the purchase of new equipment, but instead through more efficient, predictive utilization of existing resources. Is this already digitalization or Port 4.0? The foundation for this trend: smart information technologies that are perfectly customized to the individual needs of the terminal and that take all factors into account. Today, no terminal can get by without a TOS system or many other key IT applications, which provide the necessary information to make safe, reliable management, planning, and investment decisions. Further new, modern solutions for simulation and decision support are becoming increasingly important.

The goal is to optimize the interplay between planning, operations, devices, and hardware/software to meet customer expectations. To do so, we will have to pursue topics like automation, dynamic simulation and emulation of operative processes, cloud computing, and AI in the future. What does current technology already make possible? How can existing resources be utilized more efficiently? Which technologies should terminals pursue and which ones are just “hot air”? What has been the experience of individual terminals?

In this blog, we intend to pursue the answers to these questions and share our personal experiences and opinions. We want to report on successes and present new developments and ideas. To do so, we will also invite guest authors and conduct interviews with experts.

We are Norbert Klettner and Prof. Dr. Holger Schuett. We are the CEOs of akquinet port consulting GmbH. Together we have over 50 years of experience in the port and terminal, as well as a decade in simulation knowledge. Our expertise: the visualization and analysis of the complex processes at terminals and ports, in cloud and real-time TOS, and terminal automation. We both work as lecturers, consultants, and instructors, ensuring that we continually get new inspiration and perspectives of our lively, exciting business.

We look forward to your interest and to a lively interchange!
Norbert Klettner and Prof. Dr. Ing. Holger Schuett


portlogistics-norbert-klettner-akquinetNorbert Klettner

After studying economics and computer science, Norbert joined the EUROGATE group to focus on the international TOS implementations of the group’s subsidiary. After TOS projects in Egypt, Australia and Hamburg, Norbert joined the AKQUINET group in 2008. Since 2009 he focuses on the port and terminal industry with global TOS implementations, technology and IT projects, bringing together the business processes with IT solutions and industry 4.0 solutions.

portlogistics-holger-schuett-akquinetProf. Dr. Ing. Holger Schütt

After studying Mathematics and making his PhD in the field of Automation Holger worked as a computer scientist and project manager at HHLA. In 2010 he founded the ISL Applications GmbH and took over the CEO position in this company. The CHESSCON suite provides simulation and emulation modules for the planning, start-up, testing, training and forecasting of processes in container terminals. In 2018 he merged the company together with the port branch of the AKQUINET group to the akquinet port consulting. Furthermore, he got a professorship at the University of Applied Science in Bremerhaven in 2010.