How autonomous vehicles will change terminal planning

No more “either-or” for parallel vs. perpendicular layout

By Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt

Before a terminal is built, the layout must be planned with foresight and the various scenarios calculated in detail.Whether the blocks of a terminal are better arranged parallel or perpendicular to the water side depends on the respective conditions, such as the nature of the terrain, the type of cargo handling, the transhipment rate and the planned use of automated equipment. Changing the layout at a later date seems almost impossible today. The construction work required to pave the site and build the rail tracks for the rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG) is too expensive and complex.

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Recap CHESSCON Conference – April 2022

This years’ CHESSCON Conference brought new visions and insights presented by professionals of our industry. On the 28th of April 2022 all participants could enjoy a professional exchange on new opportunities and technologies for the container terminal industry. Thanks to all the speakers for their enthusiasm and the informative presentations.

For all those who could not participate, we are happy to provide the presentations:

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A Digital Twin for the EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg

The IHATEC joint project TwinSim pursues the development of a digital twin at the EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg (CTH) to visualize and optimize operations. As project partners, our terminal experts at AKQUINET are responsible for the visualizations of the terminal, the development of dashboards and simulation components. We talk to Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt, who is leading the project at AKQUINET, and his colleague Anja Jablonski, who is responsible for the technical realization and model construction of the digital terminal.

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CHESSCON Conference 2021 – A review

Under the new name CHESSCON Conference, our online event for CHESSCON customers and interested parties took place for the third time on November 16. We enjoyed a professional exchange on new opportunities and technologies for the container terminal industry inspired by our clients and industry partners.

Thanks to all speakers for their engagement and the exciting presentations and to all guests for the good discussions. For all those who did not participate in the CHESSCON Conference  2021, we are happy to provide the presentations on demand.

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