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New Report: Planning for Automation of Container Terminals

Container ship on the open sea. The front page of the report from PIANC MarCom WG is superimposed.


Planning for automation of container terminals

Together with some 45 experts in the field of Automation in Container Terminals I had the honour to work in the previous two years on the report about the “Planning for Automation of Container Terminals”. It was organised by the Maritime Navigation Commission (MarCom) under the umbrella of PIANC – The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (

The report provides 85 pages on a holistic view regarding the topics:

  • fundamental definitions: a closer look
  • providing the business case including a financial model, by also having a look at the environment and social impacts
  • planning phase including operation modes, terminal layout, and equipment sizing
  • holistic view also including the management of the integration on all terminal areas
  • finally, the engineering, implementation and last but not least the operation of the terminal.

The report shows, that simulation and emulation technologies are highly required to secure the work in all phases. It provides an overview of simulation software – including the CHESSCON family that is specialized in container terminal operations.


A glossary as well as an overview of some 75 automated terminals (including type and fleet size of the implemented equipment) are provided in the annex, supplementing the report.

This is the comprehensive overview covering the planning of automated terminals providing a great support for terminal planners, engineers, IT and process specialists as a base for their future work.

Many thanks to the organisers and all contributors for the pleasant and fruitful cooperation during the past two years. The state-of-the art know-how of all these experts in their professional fields is the core of this publication and formed it to this great result.

Please find PINAC’s press release and the order information here (



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