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On our own behalf: Welcome Lawrence Henesey

Dr. Lawrence Henesey smiling, ready to lead the sales department, signifying his start in guiding our customers through their digital transformation journeys.

On our own behalf: Welcome Lawrence Henesey

By Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Schütt

At the end of February, we bid farewell to our colleague Oliver Jelsch. Many have known him well as our Sales Manager since 2020. He would now like to develop his career elsewhere. We would like to thank Oliver Jelsch for the great and successful collaboration and wish him all the best! We will certainly stay in contact.


In his place, we would now like to welcome Dr. Lawrence Henesey to our company! Lawrence will follow Oliver as Director Sales guiding our customers on their digital transformation journey with his wealth of experience and in-depth expertise in our industry and beyond.


I have known Lawrence for over 20 years. We even worked together directly in 2016/17. At that time, I was able to win Lawrence over to us as an external advisor developing our business strategy for our predecessor company, ISL-Applications GmbH. Parallel to our collaboration, Lawrence is also teaching at the School of Computing (COM) - a department located in Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Since 2000, he has been researching on the application of Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Container Ports as well as Terminal Sim-/Emulation.


He possesses 30+ years of “hands-on experience” in commercial and operational aspects in international maritime transportation and logistics industries. He knows the industry from several sides: starting as a sales manager for (automated) terminal equipment for various suppliers, consultant in different positions - mainly for ports and terminals and ending up as a sales and business development manager for the inhouse TOS of one of the biggest terminal operator groups worldwide (2020 - 2023).


As you can see, similar to me, he combines the Applied Research based on IT, AI and Sim-/Emulation with hands-on consultancy directly on the ground of ports and terminals. Thus, he fits perfectly to our port team at AKQUINET. Together, I’m really looking forward to bringing our company to the next level in this industry.


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