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Port of the future these days – Knowing how water moves goods

Take part at the spc theme evening: September 12th 2019 in Neuss:

The port of the future these days: dbh Logistics IT and the SPC will invite to give an overview of digitisation possibilities at the port and the terminal

Together with the dbh Logistics IT, spc and IDENTEC Solutions we target the inland ports in Germany for this meeting to discuss the approach to challenges of today. The exchange has been triggered by SPC to offer a platform where the inland ports can get a view on different solutions that are available already today on the market and that do not have to wait for the future.

At the SPC evening event the headline is about port these days and what the future brings. In that sense we want to discuss with the ports and terminals that evening about what might already be there and available that is anticipated as something to come in future years only.


Pulse lectures (max. 10 minutes):

  • Port-Community-System / Communications Platform, Andreas Grunwald | dbh Logistics IT AG
  • Terminal-Operation-System (Cloud), Norbert Klettner | RBS EMEA UG
  • Pre-Announcement & Videogate, Timo Köhler | dbh Logistics IT AG
  • Automated Reefer-Monitoring, Stephan Piworus | IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG
  • Simulation & Visualisierung, Prof. Dr.-Ing Holger Schütt | akquinet port consulting GmbH

Prof. Holger Schütt, will talk about how 3D visualization available today can support terminals in the planning process and how future driven operations forecast can give a you preview of the coming operation. #CHESSCON

Norbert Klettner will take the issue up from the RBS point of view that solutions used at seaport terminals are available already today for terminals of any size. And this does not need to come with a downsizing of functionality and integration capabilities, but with a modern design, easy to implement and to integrate. Same time the business models are ready now to suite terminals of any size without big investments.

Discuss with our experts about the do and don’t do in todays business and how current solution can pave the way for your terminal into a more integrated and digitized future process. After the short introduction session start the discussions with the experts in the evening reception hosted at the venue.

Register at the following link:

By Norbert Klettner, managing director akquinet port consulting


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