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Recap CHESSCON Conference – April 2022

Illuminated container port at dusk. Lines form a network and represent a luminous network of logistics.


This years’ CHESSCON Conference brought new visions and insights presented by professionals of our industry. On the 28th of April 2022 all participants could enjoy a professional exchange on new opportunities and technologies for the container terminal industry. Thanks to all the speakers for their enthusiasm and the informative presentations.

For all those who could not participate, we are happy to provide the presentations:



CTO and Head of Development Horst-Dieter Kassl and Head of Sales Oliver Jelsch presented latest News on our CHESSCON family and demonstrate CHESSCON Live View.

Find more about all CHESSCON Tools here: Software and consultancy solutions for container terminals


TIC 4.0 Initiative

Boris Wenzel, president of the TIC 4.0 Initiative, was our first Key Note Speaker and started with the topic  “Standardisation: advantages for your business”. Besides the definition of standards, a case study showed, how this may be implemented.



Current trends in the shipping markets

Our second Key Note Speaker Prof. Burkhard Lemper from ISL/Germany gave an overview about the “Current trends in the shipping markets – a brief view on container shipping and ports”. He showed the disruptions in the maritime transport and provided a forecast for the near future.

This is the presentation:


How does CHESSCON work in practice?

YJ Kim from our customer BCT talked at our last Conference about how they use CHESSCON. We showed the video from last year: He presented, how the operation of a semi-automated green-field terminal is secured and optimised before going live.


The missing Link in Terminal Automation

Rainer Kapelski from our customer Kalp GmbH talks about how they use CHESSCON. He gave an overview about “The missing Link in Terminal Automation and its Integration in existing digital and physical Structures.” Automated lashing is not only a technical issue, planning the logistics around the twistlocks is also an important task.

This is the presentation:

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