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Recap CHESSCON Conference – November 2022

Oliver Jelsch and Horst-Dieter Kassel at the CHESSCON Conference 2022 in their office in Bremerhaven. In the background a banner of CHESSCON and AKQUINET. Both sit in front of the computer and smile at the conference guests.


The annual CHESSCON Conference invites various professionals from our industry. At our get-together, we share new visions and ideas inspired by our customers and industry partners. On the 17th of November 2022 all participants could enjoy a professional exchange on new opportunities and technologies for the container terminal industry. Thanks to all the speakers for their enthusiasm and the informative presentations.

For all those who could not participate, we are happy to provide the presentations:


No successful automation without emulation?

Our keynote speaker William Rengelink gave an overview of the advantages of emulation based on various projects, but also of the limitations of emulation.



CHESSCON Live View and Live View ECN4

Our CTO Horst-Dieter Kassl and our Sales Manager Oliver Jelsch presented the current status of our “Digital Twin”, which combines online 3D visualisation with simulation to forecast the next shift(s), optimise processes and support a predictive maintenance approach.

Find more information about the CHESSCON on our Website: Software and consultancy solutions for container terminals (

akquinet GmbH


TwinSim – service values based on Eurogate’s Digital Twin project

Eurogate, together with the University of Hamburg and AKQUINET, will build a digital twin from scratch. Raw data from devices and TOS will be sent to the “data lake” and pre-processed for further analysis and KPI presentation. From this, service values are generated using AI-based optimisation and simulation-based analytics. Our speaker Paul Kokot talked about this and more.

Eurogate Terminals


Automated Terminal via Emulation

Wiliam Yip from Total Soft Bank Ltd. presented his case study about “Automated Terminal via Emulation”:

  • Operational Performance Emulation
  • Operational Extension with Emulation
  • Operational Forecasting with Emulation

Total Soft Bank Ltd.

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