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Recap CHESSCON Conference – November 2023 / April 2024

Image of a container ship in the port terminal from above. CHESSCON logo and title of the conference: CHESSCON Conference.


The CHESSCON Conference brought new visions and insights presented by professionals of our industry. We joined together on November 8, 2023 and April 9, 2024, to enjoy a professional exchange on new opportunities and technologies for the container terminal industry. Together, we looked for new ideas, inspired by our customers and industry partners, that could bring a whole new dimension to our business.

For everyone unable to attend, we are pleased to offer the presentations:


Brown Field Container Terminal Automation:
An Exciting Journey

Our keynote speaker Aad Scholten from the North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven addressed key issues for the future of the container terminal industry.

His presentation highlighted the critical role of "Unlocking Efficiency" through automation and digitalization, which is fundamental to improving operations. "NTB: The Modern Terminal Redefined" was introduced, illustrating the transformation of terminal operations through advanced technology and innovative practices. Finally, "Navigating Turbulent Waters" discussed the challenges facing the industry, such as economic volatility and environmental issues, and the strategies to address these challenges for sustainable and resilient operations.

Please note that the attached PDF represents only a portion of the presentation and has been shortened due to privacy and data protection reasons.


AI and Machine Learning’s ability to deliver results

Don't miss Peter Ford from Sky Rock Advisors who discussed 'CY Improvements - Getting the Biggest Bang for the Buck/Euro/Yen/Yuan' at the 2024 CHESSCON Conference, highlighting how AI and machine learning can deliver impactful results.


CHESSCON - News Features

Our CTO, Horst-Dieter Kassl, and our Sales Director, Oliver Jelsch, presented the current state of our "Digital Twin", which combines online 3D visualization with simulation to provide forecasts for the following shifts. The goal of this integration is to optimize processes and support a predictive maintenance strategy.

Find more information about the CHESSCON on our Website: Software and consultancy solutions for container terminals (


Pirhonen Consulting Services and Summary of Services CMP Project Overview

The presentation of Jari Pirhonen from Pirhonen Consulting covered essential topics such as "Terminal Planning" for development and efficiency, "Terminal Simulations" to refine operations through past project insights, and a case study on "CMP Nordhavn" to showcase the real-world application of these strategies for effective terminal management.


Emulation in AGV Terminal

Chad Lee from Piscesoft Ltd. introduced Dongwon Global Terminal Busan (DGT), marking a significant milestone as Korea's first Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) terminal. It detailed the implementation of emulation testing at DGT, showcasing the innovative approach to optimizing terminal operations and ensuring reliability. Furthermore, the future plan for expanding automated terminals and integrating digital twins in Korean ports was discussed, highlighting the commitment to enhancing efficiency and sustainability in port operations through advanced technology.

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