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TIC4.0 – Interview series: Mark Wootton, CIO Yilport Holding about standardization in the container terminal industry

1. What do you think is the current status of standardization in the container terminal industry, what are the points not addressed yet?

A lot of work has been done in the standardization of message flows between industry participants, mainly terminal operators, shipping lines and customs authorities. Although the underlying technologies may need to be updated (or are being updated) from traditional EDI to webservices, the format and exchange of data is quite mature. Where the focus is currently is to bring this level of maturity to the exchange of data between equipment/machines and operational and planning systems.

2. From your point of view, why are standards important moving forward in the 4th industrial revolution and IoT?

In order not to have to build from scratch the interfaces between sensors and equipment and operational systems, these standards should be developed and adopted by the industry. The effort to develop these on a per project basis make this a costly and time-consuming exercise which slows down the adoption of technology into the industry which will improve safety as well as efficiency.


3. What do you expect of the work at TIC 4.0 and what was the main reason becoming a member?

The expectation is for the TIC 4.0 to lead the discussion and development of a common vocabulary and propose a set of standards which can be adopted by both equipment manufacturers and terminal operators. It should also serve as a bridge between the industry and other similar standardization initiatives and regulatory bodies. Yilport joined this association to contribute to the development of this body of knowledge as well as to learn and benefit from the work done by the committee.

4. What was the most encouraging experience working in TIC 4.0 together with the members?

From the outset, it has been rewarding to both agree on the goals and objectives of the organization, as well as to develop the methodology and processes that it will follow. The collaboration and common purpose shown by companies (that traditionally compete) to work together for a common goal and the improvement of the industry we are all part of has been inspiring.





Mark Wootton, CIO Yilport Holding-container-terminal-standardization.

About the member/author – Mark Wootton, CIO Yilport Holding:

YILDIRIM Group of Companies first entered port business in 2004, and it established YILPORT Holding Inc. in 2011 to combine all port and container terminal operations under one roof. YILPORT Holding is an Istanbul-based global terminal operator, holding the motto “Privilege Becomes Standard” and “Game Changer” close to its heart. The company is proud to be acclaimed as the fastest growing international terminal operator in the world. YILPORT Holding continues its global expansion as the only Turkish company to be listed among top 20 international terminal operators. It has an ambition to rank in the top 10 international terminal and port operators by 2025. Its experienced management team is committed to a strategy of solid growth and expansion.

Mark Wootton is the Chief Information Officer for Yilport Holding and represents the company on the TIC 4.0.

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