TIC4.0 at Transport Events – Black & Caspian Sea 2023 Port & Shipping

Author: Norbert Klettner, Managing Director akquinet port consulting & Vice–President of TIC 4.0

Norbert Klettner, Managing Director akquinet port consulting & Vice–President of TIC 4.0 at event.

In early July the Transport Event ran an interesting event in Istanbul focusing on the challenges and opportunities of the Black and Caspian Sea area. It received big support from the local ports and logistics community and attracted many international companies. Main supporters have been TRÜKLIM, Yilport Holding, Marport Terminal and DP World.

As TIC4.0 we have been invited by one of our latest members “Transport Events” supporting our message to the industry: “We need to use more standards!”. I had the pleasure to speak at the session about “Embracing Trade and Investment Liberalisation for Seamless Cooperation”. At a first glance I struggled connecting this topic with our TIC4.0 mission, however I could work with both ends of the sessions title and take “Embracing trade” and “seamless cooperation”. That was something that is very close to our work at TIC4.0. Improving trade and cooperation are both things that we try to do with our standards defined. But how to include the middle title and connect this with investment decisions?


Balancing Terminal Design and Automation with Evolving Technology Investment Lifecycles

Thinking about it with what I have seen in the past 20 years implementing TOS systems, helping terminal with terminal designs and layout, taking investment decisions on the layout, equipment and automation, closed that loop step-wise together with what I once learned at university (Thank you Georg-August-University Göttingen!). Terminals are confronted with a large number of possibilities to invest in technologies, equipment and infrastructure. This more and more goes together with a demand on higher automation on various levels and closer links between these different assets that are used to service the customers. Linking the pieces closer together these days becomes easier at the one hand because technologies become easier to use. However, the assets terminals invest in still have very different investment-lifecycles and time of usage.


Navigating the Tech Evolution with Modular and Integrated System Strategies

From fast changing and developing technologies to evolution of core IT systems to counting the decades on the equipment and infrastructure investments. To not end up in a locked in situation by making a long-term investment choice that determines many other technology choices or constrains, becoming more modular is one of the keys. To be more modular you need to be able to change parts of integrated systems and equipment independently from each other’s with as little effort as possible. Here we are again with two contradicting objectives: integrated systems and independent modular replacements.


Using Standards at Terminals for Sustainable Investments and Enhanced Modularity

Now pieces fall into their places, and this is exactly where standards can support such an strategy at terminals. With solutions that are connected through interface using standards the modules can be upgraded or replaced easier without changing the complete architecture or being forces to have things only from on source. Looking back to the title of my session, this is where standards can help making more sustainable investment decisions and avoid a lock-in situation with modular solutions.


If all talk TIC4.0 the understanding of data between the different pieces is easier and more a plug-and-play setup than before. #wetalktic

Our Software CHESSCON is directly connected to the IoT of equipment using TIC 4.0 standardized information.

TIC4.0 at Transport Event. Black & Caspian Sea 2023 Port & Shipping. How Common Standards Can Benefit Your Investment and Make it More Future Proof? Norbert Klettner, Managing Cirector RBS EMEA und Vice-President TIC4.0. vp@tic40.or & norbert.Klettner@rbs-emea.com



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